Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No more naps

There comes a time in each child's life that naps change. Suddenly they go from being a rest period, to a be naughty period. I remember clearly when this happened with Mason. He was about 2.5 years old, and he destroyed his room, 3 days in a row, by pulling out every toy from his closet and every article of clothing from his dresser. I am pretty sure Victoria has now hit that same milestone.

 Last week I snuck into her room to check on her... and I found this! She somehow got into the pantry and helped herself to some chips. She ate about a quarter of the bag! Mostly I thought it was cute, and kind of funny. However, today she upped the ante.

  Today I found this. A 3 year old and her room completely COVERED in an ENTIRE bottle of baby powder! There was a strong smell coming from her room and when I opened the door I was blasted with a thick fog hanging in the air. My daughter was also covered. She resembled a ghost.She said she was sorry, and she really looks it in the picture, but I know she is actually a really good actress. I don't think she is sorry at all!

I'm just glad it didn't happen to be one of those over the top stressed out about to loose it days for me. (I never have those days!) I was able to see the funny side, and actually I remember doing this same thing when I was a kid with my sister Lacey. We wanted to play in the "snow" in our playroom. I don't remember getting into trouble but I'm sure we did. Even though I wasn't particularly upset I put her in time out for good measure. You never know, next time I might not be so forgiving!


Elise & Lane said...

I don't think I could be mad at a kid with cheeks as cute as hers! Pretty dang funny though :) Miss you guys! I'm sure Danelle and Tori could get into some good trouble together!

The Anderson's said...

I can't say that I recall wanting to play In the snow! But I don't doubt that we did!

Ashlee said...

I think we empties at least 3 bottles in the "red white and blue room" when we did it Lace!

The Quinns said...

Oh no! That is too funny :)