Sunday, August 21, 2011

Selling my car?

What I would post:

2004 Toyota Corolla - White
135,000 miles.
Good condition, some minor stains, probably can be cleaned, trunks a little dirty too.
A few dents and dings.
Original owner.
After market radio/CD player.
Sun roof, power everything, etc.

But what I think:
We've had this car longer than our kids.  We specially picked it out for all it's features.  We used it to travel to Utah many times, from Arizona to Texas, and all the other little trips Ashlee, Mason, and I would take, and eventually we sqeezed Victoria in there as well.  It was used to go to the hospital when we had the kids.  The stains are caused by the years of exercising and then climbing in the car all sweaty,Ashlee's water breaking,  the dog, the kids, and the occational frisky episode on date night with my wife.  The trunk is dirty because I filled it with firewood when I took Mason on his first camping trip.  The radio is after market, because Mason, as a little boy, filled the CD player with pennies "like a piggy bank, daddy!", he said.  It's never had any major wrecks, but many memories from little wrecks (mostly from Ashlee, but one from Brandi).  The windows are specially tinted to handle the Arizona sun.  And Mason's favorite thing to do is stick his head out the roof while we drove down our road. 

Yes, the car is old, dirty, and not so white anymore, but it has so many memories attached to could I dare sell it?