Friday, June 3, 2011

New holes in body parts

Victoria asked over and over... and over... for 2 days to get earrings. I finally told her she had to ask her Daddy. The second Dad walked in the door from work on Wednesday she ran to him and declared "I NEED earrings!"
Thursday afternoon I took her to get them.

Sitting in the chair waiting to get started. She was so excited! That may have been partly because I didn't tell her it was going to hurt. I was afraid that she might jerk her head at the last second if she knew what was coming so she was completely shocked when the earrings were jammed through her flesh. Poor baby!

 After piercing photos. Notice the tears accompanying the smiles! She only cried for a minute. She was fine once I gave her a
I asked Victoria if we should get Aryah's ears pierced too. She yelled NO! I thought she was thinking she didn't want it to hurt Aryah, but she said "only I can have earrings and be a princess"! Lovely.


The Anderson's said...

I am surprised that they didn't have something to num her ear!

amyswor said...


Was searching for a GF's blog and came across yours. Started reading and came across your post about about having your ODD's ears pierced.

I think you're a smart mommy for having her ears pierced now. I had to laugh since I had the similiar experience taking both my girls ages 3 and 2 to have them done.

Interestingly, the YDD wanted them done seeing mommy's "earwigs," but only the ODD walked out with earrings. Afterwards, I realized that I should have just done both girls, but your ODD's wanting to be a "princess" was a funny one.

For about a week, I was content to wait to do the younger dd. However, I asked our ped at her next visit and she encouraged me to have the YDD's ears pierced too when mommy could care for them. She recommended taking her to a different place, i.e., Piercing Pagoda, with some suggestions she'd given me for moms having their dd's ears pierceed. They included some OTC meds to minimize any discomfort.

I read our ped's tip, waited another week and finally took our YDD without her older sister and didn't tell her where we were going shopping. Changing the venue worked perfectly. The nice manager at Piercing Pagoda did one at a time so fast our dd never knew she was having them pierced. She did fine save for one tear and got gold balls which were different from her older sister.

Both girls look adorable with them and the ODD after seeing her was thrilled saying how pretty her baby sister looked with earwigs too.I knew that I had made the right decision.

I'd say if you still thinking about it, then your mommy intuition is telling to take your YDD to have them done. If you'd like our ped's tips, please write me an e-mail.