Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tori Turns Three!

Our little Victoria turned three years old.  Last year we took her to Chuck-e-cheese and she loved it, so we decided to take her again.   Since she loves princesses, we made her a castle cake with hearts, and she LOVED it.  She went around the house singing "happy birthday to me" for 3 days before her birthday.  For her birthday, she got most of the Disney Princess dolls. 

 Tori's Cake
 All of our tickets at Chuck-e-Cheese!
 Tori with her new dolls and sunglasses!
 Mason helped Tori open most of her gifts.
 Mommy with her favorite doll, Mulan.

 Enjoying her cake...we started with plates and forks...and ended up diving in with our faces!

 Aryah loved the little rides and rode them over and over and over!
 Daddy and Tori
 Last year, Tori was scared of this horse, but she loved it this year!
 There was a large wheel (like Price is Right) that you could spin to get tickets.  The jackpot was 125 tickets.  Daddy got 3 tickets and Mason got 2, but Tori hit the jackpot!  This is her with all those tickets!

 Mason was earning tickets like crazy!

 Here is Aryah on the rides again....
Tori on her birthday.


Amanda said...

Sounds like fun! Happy Birthday Tori! She is such a little doll.

Don said...

Tori did you save any cake for uncle don? probably not that's OK looks like you had a great day