Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

Daddy took us kids to Walmart, the best place to find presents for Mommy.  Any place that has large tubs of cheeseballs must have the perfect present for Mommy.  We thought that Mommy would love some wooden spoons, shaving cream, and a Dora the Explorer dish rag, but Daddy gave us some other ideas.  He told us some things she might like, and we finally picked the perfect presents.  We picked a new pillow (Daddy says Mommy loves pillows), a bird feeder, and some fragrant oils.  She was super excited to get them!

Afterwards, we all went hiking in Austin. Mason used his new backpack and hiking gear and we had a fun time. Except it's been so hot and dry here lately that their was no river to find.   We explored all over.  Afterwards, we stopped and had donuts!