Sunday, April 24, 2011

Camping - Dinosaur Valley

We had celebrated Easter early this year, so at the last minute, we decided to check available spaces for camping in Dinosaur Valley, Glen Rose, TX., and sure enough there was a spot!  So very last minute, we decided to pack up our family and head out camping for a night.  It's one night, what could go wrong? 

Below are some cute pictures of our trip, at the campsite, at Dinosaur World, on the river, etc...but don't let the pictures fool you.  I mean, who really decides to grab the camera in the midst of choas.  First, because of the fire ban, we had to come up with a plan for meals that didn't involve cooking.  Which, for us, meant nothing.  We packed food for the kids, but not for us.  Next, we knew the kids would get dirty, I mean, it's camping...but eating dirt is something new.  We adapted well though and had a fun night in the river.  The plan for sleeping was Aryah and Mommy in the car, and the other three of us in the tent.  Well, it's been 15 degrees higher lately then normal and we felt it.  It was in the 90's during the day and in the 80's when we climbed into bed.  So it was hot.  Aryah didn't go to bed and cried/fidgeted for well over an hour.  Mason and Tori couldn't sleep and then...the rain started.  I moved Tori to the car and Mason slept under my cot...but I laid there with the rain hitting my face.   Lightening started and the thunder kept us awake more than the heat.  All of that would have been managable; however, a Park Ranger entered our camp and warned us of "pending severe weather, including rain, lightening, high winds, and hail" and advised us to run to the bathrooms in the case of an alarm.  What the hell did that mean?  At this point, we were exhausted and the kids were asleep, so any parent would agree that the decision to challenge lightening, hail, and apparently a hurricane was acceptable.   So we decided to ignore the Ranger.  I'm not sure how much sleep we all ended up getting, but it was brutal.    In the morning, we had a good time cooking eggs and bacon and then went to Dinosaur Land.  After Dinosaur Land, we went back to the river and played for a long time.  The kids loved that.  One of Mason's favorite things was exploring the trails and climbing up "cliffs".  Overall, by the time we left, we were very happy to be heading home, but it was a good first attempt and the kids all had a blast.  That's what counts, right?

Mason enjoying the tent...until he realized it acts like an oven.
 Tori was really good at helping Daddy put up the tent.  All the kids were helpful.
 On a walk down to the river.

 This was a sign somewhere in the middle of Texas.  It was so funny, we pulled over to take a picture.
 Fossilized eggs....this was at the museum.  (Mason took this picture)
 Dinosaur tracks (Mason took this picture)
 Dinosaur World!  (They aren't real).   Tori was a little hesitant about the larger dinosaurs with teeth.  She knows they aren't real, but they still scared her and she stayed away. 
 Mason inside a dinosaur head!
 Tori inside a dinosaur head!
 A T-Rex trying to eat Daddy and Mason!
 After the sun went down, we did some coloring for activities, but without a fire, it's hard to stay entertained with kids that young!
 Aryah exploring a trail.
 Playing in the river.
 Tori was being so brave and getting close to a dinosaur.  She was holding her lucky bug to giver her courage.  She loves bugs. 
 A fossil dig at Dinosaur World. 
 Aryah enjoying a cookie at the campsite.
 Aryah trying to escape from her sleeping quarters.


Jolene said...

Kind of reminds me of that night at Lake Mead where you and Adam were trying to put the tent up in the bone dry desert in the middle of the night and ended up sleeping on top and then the wind about blew you away. Oh yeah, and on the way down, Keith hit all those orange barrels with the motorhome. We still laugh about that trip.

The Anderson's said...

Ash the comment about Tori being scared of the dinosaur reminded me of when we were in Universal Studios and had our picture by the fake shark. I was to tall to stand in the mouth and you were afaid it would fall down on top of you so we made B.J. stand in the middle! That was a fun trip!