Saturday, April 2, 2011

Austin Haunted Tour!

Tonight we went on a tour of some of the "Haunted" places of Austin. It was pretty fun. It was a walking tour, that had us start at Moonshine restaurant, up to the Driskill, a Catholic Church, and a few stops along the way!  It was pretty entertaining and a fun way to walk around Austin.  Our tour guide told us stories and the history behind many of these places, and while Jes found it to be interesting, Ashlee found it to be spooky!!  Jes was determined to take a picture of a ghost!  At the end, they tried to play us some electronic recording of a ghost speaking from the same spot it was recorded.  But other electronic disturbance prevented them from doing so?  Coincidence?!?  I think not!! 

The Driskill Hotel - One of the most famous haunted places in Austin.  The tour guide said well over 19 ghosts haunt The Driskill. 

Ashlee looking freaked out!  And our other friends deciding if they are believers!

 A spooky church place! 
Do we look scared?

Our tour guide, in front of a current lawyers office, former hospital!  Many former dead people walk the halls of this I'm sure!!!!

What do you think?  A reflection of my flash, or a light from BEYOND!!!!
What's that in the corner?!?!?  AHHH!!

A fire escape...not part of the tour, but it looked scary and Jes took a picture of anything that looked scary.


The Anderson's said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! So Ash are you a believer?