Saturday, February 26, 2011

Donkey Kong Craziness

Recently someone gave us the game "Donkey Kong Returns" for Wii. Mason started playing it, but needed a bit of help, so Daddy started playing. Little did we know, this would become an obsession for the next few weeks between Daddy and Mason. They would sit for hours (it seemed) and play levels and conquer bad guys, unlocking secret worlds, and in general warping their brains. Mason would ask all day long for extra playing time, and inpatiently wait for Daddy to get home from work when the playing would resume.

FINALLY, after a few weeks of playing each and every night, they won the game, unlocked all the secret worlds, and did everything they could do. This stopped Jes from further play...but Mason...not yet.

Kite Flying!

Why do we do this? Yes, the pictures below look like a lot of fun. But every year, Daddy buys the kids kites, full of excitement, he puts them together, brings the kids outside, and sends the kites high into the sky. They kids exclaim "wow!"...pause for a moment, and then hand over the reins to Daddy. Next thing Daddy knows, he's standing there holding a Tinkerbell kite with no kids around. And it takes forever to slowly bring those kites back in. Oh well, we'll keep trying!

Tori holding her kite high in the sky!

Tori's princess kite! She loved it...for 5 minutes.

Even Ry-Ry held the kite for a minute...but didn't get the point.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day has never been a big holiday at the Taylor household. In fact, it's gone pretty much unnoticed in past years; however, now with the kids, it's making a resurgence. This year, Tori and Mason got to make Valentines day "mailboxes". One night Ashlee was gone, so Daddy and the kids made Mommy valentines day cards and decorated cookies. The cookies were so greatly decorated, that Mommy just couldn't bring herself to eat them, so we ended up at Baskin Robbins (on behalf of Grandma Vickie).
Mason and Tori also made Daddy a couple of cookies and cards which he had no problem eating.

Baskin Robbins bounty!

Happy kids!

Mason took a picture of his ice cream cone.

This was Tori's cookie she made for Mommy.

Here was Mason's cookie that he made for Mommy.

Mason, making his cookie.

The cookie project. When given so many options, why wouldn't you use them all?!!?

Mason's valentine's box...

Friendly Neighbors

Our neighbors have a bunch of random animals in their backyard. Now and then when our veggies start to wilt a little more than we'd like, we'll go over to the fence and feed them. When they realize we have veggies (versus a dead leaf or something) they come running! Sometimes we take it for granted that we can just walk about back into our own petting zoo!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow in Austin doesn't happen very often. In fact, this is only second time we have seen it in the 4 years we have lived here, and the first time was much less than what we got Friday! We woke up to a winter wonderland of almost an inch! Mason was so excited. He has been asking to go see snow all winter.
Aryah wasn't too impressed. Her hands were really cold.
The front yard

Mommy teaching Mason and Tori how to make a snowball. It was hard cause it was just powder and didn't want to stick together much.

Tori's first snowball!

Aryah was a little happier after we put socks on her hands. I couldn't find her gloves anywhere and we just don't have the wardrobe for snow, or the 20 degree weather we have been having!

More snowballs.
Snow angels

Mason couldn't wait to get out in the snow. He ran out on the patio in his jammies and socks! He didn't care one bit that his feet were cold. I had to make him come back inside and get dressed.
The backyard
Snow in the morning, gone by noon! That's my kind of snow!!!