Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kite Flying!

Why do we do this? Yes, the pictures below look like a lot of fun. But every year, Daddy buys the kids kites, full of excitement, he puts them together, brings the kids outside, and sends the kites high into the sky. They kids exclaim "wow!"...pause for a moment, and then hand over the reins to Daddy. Next thing Daddy knows, he's standing there holding a Tinkerbell kite with no kids around. And it takes forever to slowly bring those kites back in. Oh well, we'll keep trying!

Tori holding her kite high in the sky!

Tori's princess kite! She loved it...for 5 minutes.

Even Ry-Ry held the kite for a minute...but didn't get the point.


The Anderson's said...

You know that secretly Jes is loving the Tinkerbell kite, and is so excited when he is able to get her all to himself! =)

Mason said...

i like yor post mommy