Saturday, January 8, 2011


You have probably heard of the "family bed". As parents we strictly go against this practice. We feel it uncomfortable and and non sleep inducing!
the family trampoline is a different story! We spent about an hour on the tramp as a family, and had a great time! Of course when I realized this was a good picture opp I ran to get the camera and when I got back the moment had passed, mostly because Daddy felt sick from swinging the kids in circles. I was able to catch a few last ones anyway.
Doggie pile on Daddy!
Crazy Tori

This isn't the best picture of Mason, but I thought the sky looked really cool!
All our poor kids have major face abrasions right now. Poor Mason had a picture frame fall off the mantle and gouge his cheek. Poor Tori fell flat on her face on the driveway cutting up her nose the next day. And the day after that Poor Aryah fell down 2 stairs also scratching her nose.
Maybe we should keep a better eye on the kids...


Mason said...

ryry has funny hair