Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve

We have a tradition of inviting other "loner" families over for Christmas Eve. We decided that even though we would have our family here to celebrate this year that we would still throw our annual party. The crowd is different each year depending on who is in town. This year, besides us and our family, it was the Andersen's and the Barksdales.
Getting ready for the party!
Victoria and Jessica

Grandma, Aryah and Victoria

Grandma and Aryah

Caleb Barksdale, Jack, Sophie and Sam Andersen
Andrew and Rachel Andersen

Jule, Hazel and Hyrum Barksdale
Jack and Sophie Andersen
Grandma, Don, Shalynn, Juli and Eliza
Mommy Mason and Daddy

If only I was a little taller!
Hyrum, Hazel, Juli, Jessica and sophie
Hyrum opening his gift at the used toy exchange
Mason got a Mr. Potato head set at the used toy exchange.
Once everyone left we did our own family traditions. First the kids opened a gift from Mom and Dad.

Then it was the Pajama Race! Victoria won this year!

And then it was picture by the tree time! What cute kids!

After all the pictures we set out our cookies and milk for Santa and put the kids to bed. The fell asleep pretty fast, which was good because Santa was just down the street!
Merry Christmas!


The Anderson's said...

Looks like you had a very fun Christmas! I wish we could have been together. Love you lots!

Mason said...

i lick my mommy