Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

I know this is backwards, but Blogger wont let me move my pictures around after they are loaded, so sorry! I will post Christmas Eve later so that will be backwards too, so just deal with it!
We were really lucky to have Jes' family come down and spend Christmas with us this year. It made Christmas so much more fun! I hope they do it again next year!
We have been going back and forth every year on how to do our own family traditions for Christmas. We finally decided that we would let Santa bring one big present for the family and fill the kids stockings. We told Santa that Mom and Dad wanted to do the rest. In the past we have let Santa bring everything and Mom and Dad didn't do anything. That is how I grew up, but Jes got a few things from Santa and a few things from parents. We decided to give the parents a little credit this year! It's hard to mesh two different people with different traditions. I think we finally got it figured out this year and we should be good to go from now on!

Ashlee, Shalynn, and Jessica playing just dance on the Wii Santa brought!
Jessica and Tori

Ashlee, Jessica, Tori and Grandma Kathy

Mason creating all our Mii's on the Wii. They turned out pretty strange!

Victoria fell in love with her Aunt Jessica! She was glued to her the whole time Jessica was here!

Tori got a cute hat!

Mason, Jessica, Shalynn and Ashlee. We were trying to play this penguin flip game Tori got, it's impossible!
Grandma and her "child" Gretta.
Aryah, Daddy looking confused (probably about something Don was saying!) and Victoria

Mason got more pieces to his marble maze!
Cutie pie Victoria loves animals (real and pretend!).

Aryah looking through the garbage. Donny, Jessica and Shalynn, aka the life of the party!

Mason wanted this batman shirt so bad, so Mommy relented even though she hates clothes with characters on them! This one wasn't too bad.
Opening.... and opening... it took all day!
Taking a break for some breakfast! Yummy eggnog pancakes!
Mommy and Aryah

I hate to admit it, but we had an electronic Christmas. Santa brought the family the Wii and Mom and Dad got all the kids video games for the V-Smile that they already have. We even got Aryah a baby V-Smile video game! At least they are all educational games, right?!?

More nerf guns... just what we needed around here... NOT!
Tori got a Tinkerbell bike. It was the hit of the day! Mason would peddle and Tori would ride in the basket behind him. They went around and around all day! I'm sure I have a picture of it somewhere, I just don't know where.
Aryah opened all her presents by herself! She was really into it!

Opening the gifts Santa left!

Victoria doesn't look to thrilled with her bike, but I promise she is! Besides it being a bike, it's Tinkerbell! That girl LOVES all things Tink! I think she was still half asleep in this picture. It was 6:30 in the morning!

Opening stockings