Thursday, December 30, 2010

You may remember this cute little guy from last year! I slaved over him for 2 days, trying to get him perfect. I think he turned out very cute. But, when we cut into him, he was really dry and didn't taste very good.
So this year I decided to try something a little different, and I hoped, a little easier.
But alas, it was not so! They turned out pretty cute in the end, but they were a bugger! I think they tasted better though so that was a bonus!
Now, what to do next year???


Matt & Ali said...

Hey Ash! Looks like you guys had a great christmas! I love the little snowmen! I'm with you about shirts with characters on them. I've always hated them unless you are headed to disneyland or something. Growing up our christmas tradition was santa gifts cutely stacked with our stocking next to it and then one gift from mom and dad along with sibling gifts under the tree. Its kinda fun to hear how others do it different. Well I hope you have a happy new year! Love ya.