Monday, May 24, 2010

Picnic at 5 Mile Dam

The weather was nice this weekend and we wanted something fun and different to do, so we decided to head down to 5 mile dam for a picnic! It's a dam/park about 10 miles from our house. We enjoyed swimming, swingin from a rope tied to a tree, and playing in the overflow on the dam. It was a lot of fun and we were so tired at the end. Everyone piled on daddy and rested at the end.

Sitting on the dam.

So tired!

Mason found a rock in the water!

Swimming with daddy!

Tori getting brave! She was a little nervous in the water and wouldn't let us let her go, but she got brave and would float against the inside of the damn and let the force of the water push her up on top of it.

The dam.

Even Aryah had a fun time!

Getting ready to eat! We had a perfect grassy ledge that overlooked the water.

The park.