Monday, May 31, 2010

That's what they said and did....

We played a "game" Sunday night where Jes created a list of 17 "missions" for Mason to accomplish. It was mostly chores like "pick up 10 toys", "vacuum office", "empty silverware from dishwasher", etc., with a few fun ones, "give us all hugs", "jump 100 times on trampoline" in to mix it up. Mason loved it and did all 17! He had so much fun that he asked Jes to create a new list. Since it was close to bedtime, Jes created a list of 5 bedtime missions. 1. Go pee 2. Brush teeth 3. Put on PJ's...etc. When Ashlee was tucking him into bed, she asked him, "Did you go pee?" He thought for a minute and said, "I don't know, let me check my list.".

We've always thought Mason to be a little unique in what interests him. Mason found Jes's dad's dog-tags sitting in his office. He was carrying them around for a bit. Later we found a piece of paper with words and numbers writen on it. We realized he copied the name, social security number, etc. from the dog-tag onto a piece of paper....

Tori is obsessed with Poker Face from Lady Gaga. Whenever she is in the mood to dance, she runs to the radio, points, and says "Poker Face?". Yesterday Jes turned on some Black Eyed Peas for us to all dance to and Tori started singing it.... Maybe we should play more Seasame Street and Instrumental music!!