Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Congressman - Lloyd Doggett (D)

Needless to say, we haven't supported Obama, or the healthcare overhaul, or pretty much anything Congress has done lately. We've attended protests, written letters, emails, made phone calls, etc... but today we finally had the chance to meet our current representative, Congressman Lloyd Doggett of the 25th District of Texas, consisting of most of Hays County and some surrounding areas.

First, we didn't really know we were actually going to meet him, we thought we were attending one of his speeches. Second, once we realized we would meet him, we didn't realize we would meet him and actually get a chance to discuss something with him. So we quickly had to think what we wanted to talk about...

We wanted to ask, "What will you do when you find yourself without a job in November?", but we reminded ourselves that this is a time for constraint and civility, even in disagreement.

So, we met him, had some general discussion about our family, jobs, etc., and then Jes basically asked him to look at our children and explain why they were bankrupting the government...
He went for the old, "the last 8 years" explanation, which is old news. That's like saying, because your parents got into a lot of debt, so should you. The conversation was a lot of key talking points on his part and he quickly changed the subject. Overall, though, it was fun.

It was a little intimidating. You are standing in front of a US Congressman, surrounded by police, protesters, his handlers, and people with video camera's (hopeful he'll say something stupid).

He was a nice man...but vote DONNA CAMPBELL this November!!


Meghan said...

wow. crazy experience. i love that you are involved... keep it up.