Sunday, April 25, 2010

Buda Wiener Dog Festival and Earth Day Festival

Wow, this Saturday was a busy day!
First, was the annual Wiener Dog Festival in downtown Buda! This is our third year attending and it's always entertaining.
This year, Mason tried to "bouncy thing" so he could do flips and super high jumps! He did GREAT!
After seeing all the Wiener Dogs, some races, and playing at the park, we headed to the San Marcos Aquarena Center for an Earth Day celebration. That's always a beautiful place to go, and the Earth Day exibits were fun and educational.

The race track...

Mason on the "bouncy thing".

Mason, mid-flip!

Tori and Mommy at the petty zoo. Her absolute FAVORITE was the bunnies. She LOVES bunnies. We found a bunny at our house a few weeks ago and we let it go in a bush in the front yard. Now everytime she walks by that bush, she yells "HI BUNNY!".
This goat was pretty crazed about the food and kept jumping on Ashlee. It was funny.

Someone's wiener dog dressup on a float....

Wiener's there each year...and each year we take a picture in front for some reason....

Mason petty a little turtle


The glass bottom boat tours...we did this a few years ago, so we didn't do it again.

Here's a video summary!
After this, we came home and Daddy set up swimming pools in the backyard, so the kids could was a long, fun day!!!