Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello, hairstylist! Where have YOU been?

So I realized tonight I have been missing my inner hairstylist. Yes I do hair out of my house for friends and such, but I myself have been looking like any ordinary Mom for to long now. I can't even remember the last trendy cut and color I had! As I was surfing the web I found my inspiration!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this asymmetric cut! I decided I had to have it. But, being the impatient girl I am, (and hating paying for something I know how to do) I didn't want to wait until I could get to a salon. Not only that, but most of my haircut experiences since moving here to Texas have been less than great... ok, they have been HORRIBLE!!!! So, I decided I would attempt something I have never done before. I cut my own hair! Sure, I have dabbled in it a bit... add some layers here or some texture there... but never have I given myself a full on hair cut! Especially a short one! I was a little nervous but I think it turned out good!

Please ignore the fact that I look horrible as I have no makeup on! But you get the idea! So, if you, like me, are dieing slowly from hair boredom, feel free to copy me!!!


Springer Family said...

I love it! I'm jealous you look great with out make up. I wouldn't have even known had you not said you weren't wearing any. I am getting tired of my hair, but I want it long. I always cut it when it gets about the length it is or a little longer. Looks great though! You are so talented... Creating bows, sewing your own stuff, and now cutting your own hair.

Kasey said...

Cute cut! And you look way too good for having no makeup on.

LACEY said...

Ash, way cute. Does it bring back any memories? At least this time it looks cute and even and stuff. You looked cute with a mushroom top back then I am not sure that you would look cute with that dew today.

Ali said...

I love it Ash! Its way cute on you! I love how severe the A-line is. I can't believe you could cut it your self. How is the back so straight? I wish i was not so chicken to do fun stuff. But i love it long too.

Meghan said...

i am mostly impressed that one could even do such a thing. i can barely blowdry the back of mine. nice work.