Monday, February 23, 2009

Explore Texas Events - Upcoming!

A few people have commented about enjoying our "exploring Texas" posts. Some people have expressed interest in joining us, so we're posting a "rough draft" of our currently scheduled future events... Let us know if you want to come!

March 7th - Texas Independence Parade (10:30 AM) Downtown Austin (we went last year and it was fun).
March 14th - La Grange, TX - Cowboy Festival (see link...

March 29th - Capitol 10k. Jes is running in this.
April?? - Dallas maybe?
April 25th - Buda Weiner Dog Festival (we went last year and it was fun).
August - South Padre Island..

That's it so far...


starstruck_texan said...

So if you aren't sure what to do in April, Poteet does their annual strawberry festival. It's just south if San Antonio, lots of yummy strawberry stuff, cool crafty booths, and your typical festival things. Let us know, I think we are gonna go this year again.

Ashlee said...

That sounds really fun! We will let you know! If anyone else has ideas let us know!!!

anna and wells said...

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