Monday, April 28, 2008

Weiner Dog Races!!!

Only in a Texas small town!!! Our town is the wiener dog capital of Texas, so naturally the annual wiener dog races are held here! The day started off with a parade of all the poor puppies dressed up! The funniest one was of Hillary Clinton standing on a podium, the poor dog had a wig and everything! We somehow didn't catch a picture of that one though. It was really fun. There was the races, but it was also a big carnival. Mason had a blast in the petting zoo and riding the train. We went back later that night for the fireworks. Mas didn't like them until Jes pointed out some of them looked like popcorn! He is still talking about it!

Mason on the train ride, it was his favorite part. He wanted to do it over and over!

You have to have the wiener mobile at the wiener races right!!! check out my big belly! AAHHH! I hope I don't get much bigger, I wont be able to walk!

Poor puppies!

The petting zoo

What a cute calf! He wouldn't leave Jes alone, he just kept following him everywhere!

Right after this picture was taken the duck by Jes turned around and pecked Mason right in the crotch! Mason was stunned, but didn't cry. I wish I would have caught the look on his face!

Got a sucker, a wiener dog balloon, and a deep fried twinkie, we can go home now!


thehiltonfamily said...

We've got to make it to that one of these years. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Wendy said...

how fun! i saw the oscar meyer weiner car driving away when we were coming back in town. we've never been, but have to go next year! sounds like some good buda fun!