Monday, April 21, 2008

Driveway!!! HOORAY!!!

After almost a whole year we finally got a driveway!!! We are so excited about it!!! We love it!!! We have been doing a ton of work on the yard this spring. We moved all the rocks from being in piles bunched up around the tree trunks to make flower beds. There are 30 trees in our front yard, so that added up to a lot of rocks that needed moving! I'm afraid my Doctor wouldn't agree that this work was "taking it easy" as he instructed me to! We also put weed stopping plastic under each one, then had to back fill each bed with soil and mulch, then plant them. We also planted 4 new trees, bringing our number of front yard trees to 34! We planted several bushes as well. We still have a few more beds to finish and plants to buy and plant. We also need to get a whole lot of soil to fill in around the driveway. It's about 4 inches from the top of the drive to the grass (or what use to be grass before the dump trucks, cement trucks and bobcat tore it all up! Now it's just rocks and dirt!) that needs to be filled in and seeded with new grass. Jes is also planning on putting in a drip system to water the flower beds. We have been doing it by hand, which takes forever! Hopefully we will be able to get it all done before Victoria is born!

It's finally coming together nicely!!! We love our new house!!!


Wendy said...

So nice! Can you do my yard next? j/k. I can't wait to drive on your new drive way!

thehiltonfamily said...

Wow! That looks great guys! Good job.