Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Shoe shopping

I went to buy a new pair of shoes today with Mason in tow. As I looked down the row and picked a few to try on he kept brining me his own selection and asking "Mommy like this?". What a great shopper! Not only does he like to come with me but he makes suggestions too! I sat down to try a few pair on and when I looked up, he had taken off his shoes to try on this lovely pair of green and white polka dot rubber shoes! What taste!!!


Wendy said...

That's all you need is a personal shopper. Mason will help pick things out and then your baby girl will get real excited when you show her. Trust me, I speak from experience. I don't show Miguel anymore, I show Livi--she get's really excited for me!

LaNan said...

I wish my kids would shop with me. It's way too much work to take them. They just run around like banshees!

Jennifer said...

What a trooper...Someday some lucky girls gonna get one that is already trained!