Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rocken around the Christmas Tree

Mason and I decorated the Christmas tree a few weeks ago. I somehow forgot this should be a family thing and did it without Jes. He is still mad!

It's hard to see in the picture but Mas tried to put every ornament on the same branch. I tried to get him to spread them out but he would have none of it!!!

He almost fell in the bucket trying to get everything out of it

What a cutie pie! Yes, his hat says babies first Christmas, but oh well!!!

He found my umbrella hat from when I was a silly teenager and wore it the rest of the day! In fact, he has worn it everyday since then too!!!


SpringerClan said...

That looks he had so much fun. Poor Corinne, we don't even have ornaments. we didn't buy any in the past because of all the tile in the house. This year has just been nuts. It's amazing we got the tree out at all. I love the umbrella hat!