Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Date night!!!

Jes and I went on a date Monday night! It was our first in 5 months!!! We drove down to San Antonio to see the Phoenix Suns play the Spurs. Jes has loved the Suns for a long time, even before we moved to Arizona. He was really excited to see the game. We first went to dinner on the river walk, and then headed over to where we assumed the game would be played. We arrived at our destination and we were really confused. "Why are there no cars in the parking lot" we wondered. Jes asked, do you see anyone inside? I said no! We drove around and around for about 5 minutes, and finally asked the security guard "don't the spurs play here tonight??" at which point he looked at us with a look of you poor dumb people... He politely told us the spurs no longer play at the Alamodome, and haven't for 4 years!!! Oops! By the time we got to the game it was half time, which was fine with me! The suns won!!! It was a great game, but that wasn't the end of our adventure! We were driving home on the freeway and suddenly hear a terrible noise! A piece of our car's undercarriage had come off and was dragging on the ground! We had to pull over and buy duct tape at Walgreen's to put our car back together! We finally made it home at midnight (which is very late for us old folks!) and crashed into bed! It was a great night, it was fun to spend some time together alone for once!!!


Jes the Husband said...

Hey! That wasn't our first date in 5 months. Remember that time we went to Wal Mart and got ice cream? I don't think I got any action, but I still counted it as a date!

SpringerClan said...

That is such a funny story. Well I am glad you at least made it for some of the game. When I was in High school my boyfriend and I had tickets to a concert at Salt Air and we got into a fight on the way down and bickered so much we went the wrong way and didn't notice until we got to Santaquin. We missed the concert, but our car didn't fall apart. So you win. I hope you got to enjoy your date night. I haven't had one of those in months!!! Merry Christmas!