Sunday, September 16, 2012

Copper's fisrt haircut!

Mommy waited a whole 6 months before Copper got his first haircut! He was born with so much dark hair that Mommy hated to cut any of it, but most of it has fallen out and he is turning blond like all the others. He had a funny long combover on top, so we gave him a mohawk like his big brother!

Mohawk brothers!

Monday, September 3, 2012

last photo dump!

Copper, 1 day old

Copper for President!

April 30,12  6 weeks old

April 3.  4 weeks old

May 1, 2 months old

Copper comes home

March 14,2012
Copper Benedict Taylor came home! Everyone was so excited he didn't have to stay in the NICU! He was super tiny and oh so sweet! Love all that hair!!!
 In his homecoming outfit, waiting for Daddy to pick us up from the hospital.

one week old

Friday, August 31, 2012

Out of order

I wanted to get all the pictures off my phone so these are all out of order. sorry. this is still part of my picture dump!

Copper, 1 hour old!

Sweet baby, 1 day old

Summer catch up

We spent 2 months is Utah this summer and I wasn't very good at keeping up with the blog while I was gone so now I need to do a massive photo dump so it can all be included in our end of year scrapbook! So without further ad do...

 Mom and the Wildebeest, aka Grandpa!

 Jessica and Copper, 2 months old

 The Mom and Dad of this family

 Grandma and Grandpa Springer

 Aryah collecting pine cones for Grandma Springer. This is one of the kids favorite things to do, and Grandma loves the help with the yard cleaning!!!

 Grandpa and Copper, 2 months old
 Seeing Uncle Brennan for the first time in a year and a half!

The Springer side of the family went to a rodeo together. It was hot and crowded... but the kids had fun anyway! The adults on the other hand...
 Kody, Brandi, Burke, Colton Amber

 colton, Amber, Copper, Ellie, Mason Emree

 Ellie loved holding Copper!

 Lacey and Bailee

 Horse acrobatics... who knew!?!

 Aryah and Grandpa

 Cutie pie Mason in his cowboy gear with Grandma

 Uncle Brennan with Copper, 2 months

 Grandparents and Victoria

 Silly Aryah!

 The coolest teenager in the world! I loved hanging with this girl!
Morgan, 14 years old

Lagoon! Or as Victoria calls it "Magoons"! 

Emree wanted to ride with Mason. So cute!!!

We had a great trip! It was so fun to see everyone and watch the kids interact with there cousins and grow friendships with each other. Ellie and Mason go a little to "friendly" with each other... We now call Ellie miss Hot Lips! Emree loved Baby Copper and asked to see him every day! Bailee and Victoria and Aryah had a blast playing with each other a couple days every week. I'm so glad they all got to know each other and form a bond. I hope they will all be best friends forever!!!