Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve Party

For a few years now on Christmas Eve we've had a "loner" party.  A party for those without extended families to visit.  This year was a little on the light side with only 3 additional families; however, it was fun as always.  We didn't get many pictures this year, but the party involved lots of yummy food, a game of Gingerbread Man, and a gift exchange.   The Gingerbread Man game is getting more and more violent the older the kids get, but always the key ingredient to a fun Christmas Eve.

Mason and Daddy tracked Santa all day on the internet and got really excited when he made his way up to the United States.  Aryah, unfortunately, got an upset stomach (we think from too much candy) and threw up all over Daddy and Mommy multiple times during the party and during the night. 

Besides that, the kids slept good and Santa came during the night!

The kids, and Daddy, got new PJ's on Christmas Eve!  Aryah did as well, but she was asleep and didn't get to open until the morning.

SO EXCITED in their new PJ's!!

Mommy and Daddy were able to snap a quick picture after Santa had come before the kids destroyed the living room.