Friday, October 28, 2011


Halloween is always a fun time with the Taylor's!  For some reason it's turned into a crazy holiday with lots of decorations and many days of trick or treating.   In the past we've tried to do theme costumes; however as the kids get older, the costumes start to vary.   For this year, Mason decided to be a prince, Victoria a cat, and Aryah (by default) was a lady bug.  Jes fretted over what to be and he didn't have enough time to come up with a plan.  Hours before the first party, he pulled it together and with help from Ashlee's haircutting skills...he became an Indian.   The mohawk is extensions...but the shaved head, is real. 

Jes's work has a family party each Halloween, where the kids can trick or treat and play games.

Donut eating race!  Who can eat a donut the fastest, without their hands?!?  Victoria did great, but we lost!

Victoria got to dress up for school.  This was her costume.  She was a pretty kitty cat.

Daddy was a scary Warrior Indian!

At Jes's work again.  This year the whole office went all out and REALLY decorated everywhere.  One of the offices was so scary, the kids went in for candy...and came out crying! 

Painting pumpkins.

Aryah daring to get candy from this scary monster!

Aryah checking out her lot at Jes's office.

The three kids in their costumes.

For the record, next year, Mason says he'll be scary monster, Victoria says she'll be a princess, and Aryah wants to be a cute kitty.