Saturday, July 16, 2011

Work Pranks

Jes has a lot of fun at his job...

He plays pranks.   He's convinced people their house is haunted, convinced others they are being stalk, convinced some their cars were towed, turns the volume up on their phones, changes their screens around, posts ad's in Craigslist for them, etc...

Well, he went on a business trip for a few days.  And they got him back.

His entire, let me emphasize, entire office, from the pictures on the wall, to the phone, monitor, chair, pens, printer, lamp, books, papers, stapler, etc...were wrapped in paper.  And shredded paper was filled in his drawers.  In was grand payback by most of the office.   

Like I say...they have a lot of fun there.  Jes is in charge of HR and Finance, and they made him a sign to hang in front of his department based on one of his familiar sayings...see below.

(don't ask about Arnold...long story)