Friday, July 23, 2010

The Cabin!

We finally made it to the cabin in Manila! We met Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Dan, Don, Jessica and Shalynn there. They had waited up for us, and we didn't pull in until midnight. They are all usually in bed by 9:30, so we could tell they were really excited to see us! We had a lot of fun at the cabin. We went 4-wheeling, boating, and just relaxed and visited. Jessica taught Mason a new game that he now loves, sardines! It's backwards hide and seek. One person hides and when you find the hider you hide with them. Shalynn won the game by being the hardest person to find. Mason loves this game now!

We had a hot dog and marshmallow roast one night. Mason took all of these pictures. He loves to be in charge of taking pictures!

Shalynn and Ashlee


Donny, Shalynn, Grandma, Victoria, Ashlee and Jessica

Tori eating a smore! Yummy!

Luckily Grandma has cable at the cabin! Mason, Shalynn, Tori and Aryah watching
Sesame Street

On the boat!
Joe Cool AKA Mason on the boat!

Donny, Jessica and Victoria

Grandpa let Mason drive the boat! He thought he was pretty cool and did a good job!

Ashlee, Aryah and Mason

On the boat we had a HUGE wave crash over us! It hit Jes right in the face, soaked him, Mason, Shalynn, Grandma and Jessica! Ashlee had just moved to the back of the boat with Tori and Aryah and was so thankful! Later Grandpa told us he thought we were going to sink when the wave hit. We were all so thankful nobody was hurt, and we all had a good laugh about it! (except Shalynn, she was pretty mad!!!)