Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aryah, 4 months old

Aryah is now 5 months old, but I have had these pictures sitting on my camera for a month, so they are a month old... time flies when your having fun (and busy as hell)!

Poor baby... all her hair has fallen out except a Mohawk on top!

(This picture is right side up on my computer, I have no idea why it is on it's side in this program. I can't seem to fix it, so sorry!)

At 4 months Aryah started rolling over, eating solid food (she hates peaches, just like Victoria did!), and is such a giggly girl! Her brother and sister just can't get enough of her! They want to hug and love on her all day long! She is really laid back and usually content to watch the action from her swing, but she does like to be in the same room with everyone. She gets mad if she feels left out!