Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Morning!

Get ready for picture overload, sorry!
Mason wanted to buy Victoria and Daddy a present with his own money. He chose these dress up shoes for Victoria! She loves shoes so it was perfect!
Aryah Eve in the outfit Grandma Vickie and Grandpa Jeff gave her.

AIR HOCKEY!!! How fun!

Victoria got a Kitchen from Santa, both her and Mason love it!

Trying out her new bike. She's a little small for it still, but she sure tried!

Mason picked out this cup and paid for it with his own money for Daddy. Too cute!

Victoria loves baby dolls!

Little Miss

We had to play with each toy before we could open the next present. It took us ALL day! We finally finished at 5:00 pm.

Concentrating so hard!

Banana break!

RyRy (nickname courtacy of Tori) hanging with Daddy

Mason is SO scared of this game! He cried and cried when he got buzzed!

These Nerf guns have been a lot of fun!
And the best present of the day award goes to:

The Vincent Van Gough painting! Yes, I know. My 4 year old is very different! He was so excited that Santa remembered to bring him his painting!


ALI & MATT said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas! I bet its so fun with kids to watch on Christmas morn. Your kids are so dang cute! Aryah doesn't look as much like Mason and Tori. Or does she? I think she looks darker from what i can see. I had wondered if you got to come for Christmas or not. When do you get to come up next?