Tuesday, May 19, 2009

False Accusations

My Mom came to visit me last week, which by the way was the best birthday surprise EVER! On Friday we went shopping. When we headed home Mom drove because I was sitting in the back seat feeding Victoria her lunch which was almost an entire burrito from Taco Bell. That girl can eat!!! I had finished and was now sitting up front as we exited the freeway. Then we saw the lights behind us.

Now, I am a cop advocate. I appreciate very much what they do for us, putting there lives on the line every day. I find myself bias to the cops side of the story any time there is controversy. However, I now realized they can make big mistakes. The police man walked up to the car and I noticed he looked VERY angry. I was curious, as was my Mom, as to why we had been pulled over. Then the police man said "I pulled you over because you were holding your child on your shoulder while driving."

We both gasped!!! WHAT!!! I would NEVER in a million years do that!!! Of all things I am neurotic about, car seats is the biggest. The cop said he would go review his dash cam and see if he was mistaken. We waited for a few minutes and he came back, still looking very mad. He said that when he turns on his lights that his camera backs up one minute. He had waited too long to turn them on, so the "incident" had not been recorded. I thought for sure he was going to take one of us to jail. He did not seem to believe that we would not hold my kid while on the freeway. I was wondering how we could ever convince someone of our innocence if there was no tape to prove it!

Luckily at that point, he must have gotten a better call. He gave us a quick lecture about how important car seats are and how dangerous it is to hold a baby on your lap while you drive... Duh! He then jumped in his car with lights and siren and drove off really fast.

I have no idea what he actually saw, but it was definitely NOT my baby!!!


Tara said...

YIKES!! Glad it worked out okay.

And I like the new website design. I usually read your blog through an RSS feed, so forgive me if it's been a while.

Kasey said...

Whoah, that would have made me so mad to be falsely accused like that. How frustrating.

LACEY said...

I hate cops for that reason! Ever since they gave me a ticket for going twenty over when I was really going only five over I have not been happy with the way they can get away with giving out a ticket just because they are having a bad day or because you drive a red sports car!