Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dallas/Fort Worth Trip

This weekend we took a quick trip up to Dallas/Fort Worth. We left Saturday morning at 7am, arriving in Fort Worth Stockyards at 10am. We saw cowboys do a small cattle run down Exchange Avenue, then explored some of the shops/museums and ate. After that, we went over to Dallas and went to the Museum of Nature and Science. Mason loved playing with the different exhibits and the dinosaur bones!

On day two, we attended the "King Tut" exhibit at the Dallas Art Museum. It was really cool to see all that stuff. We then saw the 6th floor (JFK) museum and World Acquarium. It was a busy, expensive crazy trip, but we got home Sunday night at 8pm.

Positives of the trip: Hotel room, overall things to do, fun!
Negatives of the trip: Expensive, a few things we tried to do were closed, could never find a restaurant when we wanted one!

World Acquarium

Museum of Science! Mason played with the shadow wall for about ten minutes, making as many different shadows he could think of!

Cowboy Museum



Train track in the StockYards.


LACEY said...

Hey Ash, Just an FYI there is not a C in aquarium. Tori is getting so big and CUTE!!!