Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Boy!!!

We celebrated Mason's 3rd birthday on Saturday with a friends party. We had this awesome cake made for him, and he loved it!!!

We played some games, this was a "train" game Jes came up with. All the kids held onto the rope and we went through an obstacle course to get to the train station and pick up prizes! The kids all had a lot of fun with this game (much more then we thought they would!)
Sophie and Rachel
Waiting for pizza! Jes put the cake in the middle of the table and all the kids were obsessed with it!
Opening presents

In his cute party hat

Thank you to all his friends for coming and making his party so great! Thank you for all the great gifts too!


Kasey said...

Wow, that cake looks awesome. You'll have to let me know who you had do it. Fun times.

Someday a table for seven! said...

Cool cake!!! Thank you so so so much for the book you sent me. I havn't had much time to read much of it yet but I will. You are a total sweetheart!!!! It makes me cry to know that you were thinking of me! Hope all is well for you guys. I love peeking in from time to time to see what you all are up to!

Thank you again

Love Elli

Wendy said...

thanks again for the party and letting me drop the kids off! hope they were good---they said they had lots of fun! ya'll always throw the best parties!

Katie said...

Thanks for inviting us, Ashley! We had a great time. Ginger wants to come over and "share" the spider...Let's get together sometime.

The Conrads said...

How fun! You are such a good mom. I can't believe how big he is. Take care!

Mason said...

cool cake