Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shop till Mason's burried!

Yahoo for Michelle and La Nan! They spread the news like wild fire that Old Navy was having a clearance sale! Mason and I left the house just minutes after receiving the email. The store was out of carts, so I just piled the stuff on top of the stroller. Before you knew it poor Mason was buried! I could only see him from his tummy down! Of course when I realized this I uncovered his head for fear of suffocation! He was such a good boy while I spent on hour running from one side of the store to the other. What fun what fun!!! If you didn't go down there yet, you better because it's awesome! To all you in different states then me, so sorry you missed it. The only way the trip would have been better is if my sisters could have come too!


Wendy said...

I did this too, twice. I made the mistake of telling my sister (and she in turn told her friends) about the sale. Let's just say I had to take Ethan out of the stroller just so I could push everything I had. RIDICULOUS

Ashlee said...

I went again today! That makes 2 trips for me as well! I could't believe the deals!!!!!!!